Locked out -- new phone number & forgot password

If you connected an e-mail with PHHHOTO, you can receive a password reset link via e-mail. You can reset your password as normal, and a link will be sent to the e-mail that you connected. 

If you got a new phone number, never updated your account, did not connect an e-mail, and forgot your password, #sorryboutya - you’re locked out! We suggest you try every password that you can think of! 

If you cannot guess your password, you should sign up for a new account with your new phone number. 

If you’re locked out and would like to let us know, please tap the "send us a message" button below and let us know. You can say:

Hey I’m locked out : (
I forgot my password and got a new phone number.
My PHHHOTO username is:
My old phone number is:
My new phone number is:
You can still sign up for a new account with your new phone number! Just make sure that you write down your password and keep yr number up to date in yr settings so you don’t get LOCKED OUT again.

Once your new account is setup, you can navigate to your old account to view, save, or share PHHHOTOs to your camera roll or another social media.