Why is a phone number required?

First, phone number verification ensures that every person you see on PHHHOTO is real. No spam, bots, creepers, or dupe/fake accounts. Accountability and responsibility help make the PHHHOTO community a safer place to be. Remember: you can use any phone number that can receive either an SMS or Voice Call to get the PIN code. It can even a be a LAND LINE! If you are using an ipad or ipod, you can use any number to get the code and then enter it in on your device. 

Second, we use phone numbers to help you find friends on the app. PHHHOTO encourages connecting with others on our community, and phone contacts are an easy way to do that. If you are not interested in allowing friends who have your phone number to find you on the app, our best suggestion would be to use a phone number that no one that you know is connected with, or, perhaps this app is not for you. 

Finally, using phone numbers is a way to link all of a user’s PHHHOTOs together. This way pics you take IRL with PHHHOTO PRO and pics you take on the PHHHOTO APP all end up in one place.