Can I make my account private?

We don't currently have a PRIVATE account option, but you can use PRIVATE POSTS so that only your friends can see your PHHHOTOs. You can also  BLOCK anyone you want.

in PARTIES, you can create a private party, meaning that only the friends that you invite to the party can see the PHHHOTOs that you post within that party. It's an easy way to share content privately. 

FYI, if you want to add some additional privacy to your account you can turn off the WEB PROFILE switch in your app settings. This will make it so your PHHHOTO profile does not appear in Google search results.

Finally, if you're going to write to us anyway about having a private account, please include the following info: Some reasoning as to why you'd like a private option. Who are you primarily concerned about seeing your account (examples: teachers, parents and other family members, strangers, peers who aren't your friends)? What, specifically, about a private account would serve you?